Transforming the NDIS customer intake experience

We partnered with Scope, Australia’s largest disability service provider, to help them understand and manage the changes triggered by the NDIS.


Bringing the customer experience to light

The NDIS transformed disability service provision from a network of local monopolies to a demand-driven market where customers have enormous choice. For providers like Scope, that meant a sudden, urgent need to understand the customer experience.

We conducted interviews with current and potential Scope customers in metropolitan and regional Victoria, and with Scope stakeholders, to build a picture of the customer journey from becoming aware of the need for support, through to initial contact with Scope and ongoing service interactions.

Research revealed that people felt overwhelmed by their situation, often didn’t know where to turn for support, and found NDIS funding difficult to comprehend.

Enabling organisational change

We worked with Scope to identify future opportunities focused on the timing, nature and ‘tone’ of customer interactions along key moments of the onboarding and support journey, and necessary resourcing and technological changes to streamline service delivery. The solutions and themes identified informed Scope’s transformation strategy and gave them a revitalised, customer-centred focus.


  • A clear understanding of the current state of customer intake and support allowed them to make informed business decisions.

  • Recommendations for proactive next steps linked to customer and business insights and measures of success.

  • Helped Scope prioritise areas for change (people, processes, technologies), allowing for ‘big wins’ early in the process.

  • A set of design principles to guide product and service design in the future, enabling consistent, coherent growth.

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