Fine Fixer

We partnered with the Moonee Valley Legal Service and RMIT’s FastTrack Innovation Program to create a free legal education resource and self-help tool to ensure that everyone in Victoria can get the best possible help with their fines.



The concept for FineFixer was originally developed by a team of RMIT University students, who developed the idea and business case during the 2015 Access to Justice Through Technology Challenge. Their solution won the Most Viable Solution Award for a web based app.

In 2016 a project advisory group led by Moonee Valley Legal Service engaged Paper Giant to make Fine Fixer a reality, taking the student’s conceptual work and developing it into a live digital product that met community needs and the needs of the sector.


Co-design with the fines working group

Co-design and community engagement

The aim of FineFixer is to empower people to make more informed and timely decisions, and to self-help when appropriate, reducing pressure on themselves, Community Legal Centres, and Legal Aid.

Dealing with the fines system is complex, and understanding what to do when you have a fine can be confusing. This lack of understanding leads to pressure on the community legal sector and leads to poor legal and financial outcomes for people in the community. 

The biggest failing of the system is placing too many people in the infringements system who could be diverted earlier
Jo Parkin, Uniting Care

Using the students concept of a ‘self help tool’ as a starting point, we conducted co-design workshops and discovery research with community legal centres, legal aid, and financial counselling services to understand the problems and complexities with the fines system in Victoria.

Interaction design and development

Based on our research findings, we assessed where FineFixer could have the most impact — where it should be targeted and to whom, what features we should prioritise, and how it needed to work in practice.

We designed and developed FineFixer, building a responsive web app that serves as a self-help tool and a central resource for fines information.

We also worked closely with the community legal sector to make it a tool useful to them, to make their interactions with clients easier.


Fine fixer asks a few anonymous questions and directs you to the most relevant help

Fine Fixer is now available at

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