Capability building within local government

We partnered with the City Of Casey, Victoria’s third fastest growing municipality, to ensure the success of their new customer service function.  

More than service design

City of Casey had just developed a new customer service function: a concierge to greet visitors and quickly assess their needs and direct them appropriately. They wanted to ensure this service was working as intended to streamline customer experience.

They engaged Paper Giant to design a framework to assess whether the concierge service was meeting both immediate customer needs and the organisation’s broader strategic goals.

We defined a set of goals for the service and an assessment framework that tracked, measured and reported on its performance. These were developed to ensure that the service was sustainable over an extended period of time. The aim was to integrate the service fully into the organisational structure, allowing it to deliver on its promise.

Designing amidst inevitable change

Since the service was intended to evolve and scale over time, the framework had to be responsive to changes in infrastructure and organisational expectations. We designed a framework that would adjust to three different time periods: now (the first 8 months), next (the next 12 months) and the future (the following 12 months).


  • Service goals, signals and metrics for tracking performance gave City of Casey confidence that the new service was providing the value it was designed to.

  • A robust framework for timing customer polling and reporting gives frequent enough feedback without creating ‘poll fatigue’.

  • Two new roles were created to support the framework’s rollout, ensuring its successful implementation.


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