A framework for customer focus

We partnered with Sensis, the largest marketing company for small businesses in Australia, to turn around their customer service function.

Mapping an organisational vision

Over 10 weeks, we synthesised existing research reports, conducted stakeholder and staff interviews across the organisation, and ran a series of rapid design sprints with different departments.

We built a coherent ‘2020 vision’ for new products and services to fill gaps in the customer experience.

A framework for innovation

We developed a strategic framework to align customer needs with business units and goals. By mapping existing Sensis projects, we demonstrated how the framework could be used to plan and assess new initiatives.

Using the strategic framework, we helped Sensis establish new team roles – with KPIs geared towards customer service, an innovation lab with suggested service prototypes, and evaluation metrics.

Sensis used this ‘2020 vision’ framework to establish an ongoing innovation program, to rapidly test new ways of working with customers.


  • Created organisational coherence through new service and sales roles, teams and processes that are better aligned.

  • Our research led to the onshoring of the customer service team, dramatically improving the customer experience.

  • An ongoing innovation program enables continual improvement.

  • A framework for ongoing assessment will keep Sensis on track beyond the initial intervention.

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