Service Design offers a way of understanding how different parts of your business fit together, and what kind of experience that creates for your customers.

What we do

We do research that examines the ways people move through your services, how they use them, and how they fit into people’s lives.

Service Blueprinting

In order to understand the experience of customers as they move through your service, it’s important to first understand how your processes and systems work together, and where they don’t.

Service blueprinting allows you to gain a birds-eye view of the areas of your business that a customer interacts with, so you can strengthen what works and fix what doesn’t.

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a way of illustrating how a customer interacts with a product or service over time. It takes a customer’s perspective as they move through a service.

Journey mapping helps you see the ‘big picture’ of someone’s interaction with your service rather than just focusing on individual interactions.

Service Futures

Whilst Service Blueprinting and Journey Mapping are often used to reflect the current state of things, we run workshops that use these same techniques to design future services, and to speculate on what customers of the future may want or need.

We can then begin to prototype and design these services in a way that provides actionable insights into your innovation strategy.

The More-Than Research Game

The More-Than-Research Game helps you rethink your approach to research.

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