We use design methods and ethnographic techniques to understand the everyday lives and practices of people. We present this research as actionable insights to inspire design and business decisions.

What we do

We plan research that provides generative, well-communicated and actionable insights into your design and decision-making processes.

Contextual Inquiries

People often don’t know what they know. To find the best insights, you need to watch what people do, not just listen to what they say.

Using ethnographic techniques borrowed from the social sciences, we spend time with people in their homes, in their workplaces and in other contexts to understand why and how they do what they do.

Cultural Probes

Cultural probes – sometimes called diary studies – are a way of giving research participants a voice over time; of letting them tell you what is important to them.

They also allow you to gain insights from participants over time.

Cultural probes are designed differently for each project, but they are a great way of generating lots of rich, insightful data quickly, and of bringing diverse voices to your decision-making.

Co-Design Workshops

We facilitate workshops for business stakeholders and customers so that they can design future services and products for themselves. In these workshops design itself becomes a research technique and a democratic tool. The outcomes of these workshops vary project to project, but they always provide rich insight into the opportunities and challenges of the future.

The More-Than Research Game

The More-Than-Research Game helps you rethink your approach to research.

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