We help your product teams keep their users at the centre of their process.

What we do

Interaction Design

We design digital products for the web and for mobile, from early stage sketching to hi-fidelity wireframes that clearly communicate to your development team.

Persona Research & Design

We create personas – representations of archetypal users – so that users remain at the core of your team. We customise our research and template designs based on the needs of your business – posters, cards, websites and videos have all helped various companies educate their staff about their users and become user advocates.

User-testing & Prototyping

We can test your products and prototypes with users and provide insight reports and design recommendations that improve the experience. We can also help you prototype ideas quickly so that you can get user input sooner.

Agile Design

We have worked extensively in agile development environments. We know how to get users involved in the process so that the whole team is working with their needs in mind.

The More-Than Research Game

The More-Than-Research Game helps you rethink your approach to research.

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