We specialise in applied design research to inform strategy, product and service outcomes.

Since our founding in 2013, we have used research methods creatively and sensitively with participants from a diverse range of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our team have both academic and commercial research experience. Our academic research experience ensures that our projects are grounded in current research and ethical best practices, and ensures that our findings and recommendations demonstrate an awareness of existing research published via academic channels. Our commercial research and design experience allows us to communicate research insights and outcomes in modes suitable for wider audiences, and to have confidence that our recommendations are actionable.

Since 2013, we have published research reports in the legal and public/community health sectors which have had wide dissemination within these industries, and print media attention.

Our research projects lead to specific design or service outcomes: rather than drawing the line at research insights, we work with clients to design and prototype practical outcomes that meet the needs of their communities.

The studio is based in Melbourne, but can regularly be seen conducting research in Asia and beyond.


The team at Paper Giant brings with them qualifications in design, anthropology, psychology, & computer science.


Dr Reuben Stanton is a Service Designer and researcher with 15+ years of commercial design and research experience. He holds a PhD in Interaction Design, is an experienced software developer across web and mobile platforms. Reuben is an expert at running design research projects with interdisciplinary teams, and in translating research into effective communication design, prototypes, and products.

Dr Chris Marmo is a design researcher with over a decade of experience conducting commercial design and research projects across a range of industries and contexts, in Australia and throughout Asia. Chris is a skilled researcher and facilitator, and brings his deep understanding of people and their use of technology to his projects. He holds a PhD in Anthropology, and degrees in psychology and computer science.


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